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Enterprise Relational Database Management Systems

Why your business needs a database

Businesses have long used databases to store customer information, product information and financial records. Over time, they have grown to use databases for more and more tasks, helping to automate and track operations. These repositories of organized information can store virtually every kind of data imaginable, and they can sort that information and deliver it to you with a click of a mouse. Business databases help small-business owners organize and track their customers, inventory and employees.

ATS Technologies specializes in the design and development of custom database applications on the standard Microsoft SQL Server/.NET platform. We will translate unique business needs into well-structured database design/information models with simple-to-use application interfaces and data workflows so you can quickly and easily reconize and respond to changing market conditions.

 It is used by doctors, attorneys, retail and other businesses to automate their office with forms and reports for:

- Receivable,   Payable,    Client Billing,   Expense,    Documents Mgt,
- Employee Mgt,   Financial Assets,   Inventory Control,   Marketing,   Sales CRM,
- Appointment Tracking,   Transaction Activities,   Revenue Modeling,   Real Estate,   Property Management
- Project Status,   Client List,   Supplier List,   eCommerce   Products

Microsoft Access, as well is an excellent platform for developing an application that can run a small business. It is an information management tool used for reference, reporting, and analysis. Small businesses employ databases to help maximize their profits and activities.

These are just a few of the reasons to speak with us to help make things easyer for you.