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Cyber Security and Countermeasures - Enterprise Software Development - Asset Database Design

We Engineer Software To Make Yor Ideas Work For You - At ATS Technologies we help our clients use todays Technology to manage their mission-critical business assets.

- Our focus is software application that gets things done in a cost effective manner. Efficiency and time management have become the watch-words of the day, and that is what information technology makes possible, from database asset management to productivity tools.

The Software business is not like other traditional businessess Software is about using a malleable technology, puzzle like, a metamorphosis that can become whatever function or application it addresses. Its possibilities are almost immeasurable, with potential that is limited only by human creativity and imagination. It can be employed to model real life events that are not easily possible. It can speak globally, in a flash, and reside on a microchip the size of a coin. It has the power of a gentle giant, with delicate precision. Its boring mathematical redundancy serves us in ways that are hardly noticeable day-to-day, but its absence would quickly affect us, our machines it drives and the way we live.

Plotting the course for successful technology applications

- Connecting People, Process & Technology for Success -

Specializing in the design, development, support, training, and application of hardware and software technology for support equipment, automatic test systems, test program sets, and in-service engineering. We also engages in research and development, engineering, configuration management, and quality assurance activities