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Information Security, Data Assurance and Compliance


Since major breach disclosures became a weekly event in 2014, VERIFY is the key to a successful program for your companies Information Technology process. Key issues facing organizations that make vulnerable, basic issues such as outsourcing of information technology assets, giving external organizations access to your systems and allowing vendors onto your network is a matter that can bring costly infractions to your data security.

It all starts with targeted reconnaissance.

Stealth techniques enable cyber criminals to act without fear of timely detection, let alone capture and successful prosecution. After payroll, the next largest outflow of cash for an organization is procurement or purchasing, which is primarily based on trust in technology. The “just trust us” times are over; there’s just too much data available and everything these days, is at your fingertips. So it is not an “If” but a “When” your organization faces a broad range of cyber intrusions. They have an endless stream of applications, the element of surprise, endless worldwide resources and a complicated global legal system protecting them. So what do you do about all this? The use of a business best practice data security policy guide is needed to establish a "Minimum Security Standard". That is why you need an expert to help verify what you think you have and help you protect it, because time is on their side.

In a world full of risk, the value of security isn’t measured by what it costs, but by what it prevents

It is among some of the most insidious—and profitable—of crimes, and can be conducted from a well-equipped workstation, perhaps within your own organization. For example, Phishing is an attack method that uses deception-based practices to obtain sensitive information from a human target. Spearphishing attacks commonly use fake e-mailes and fraudulent websites to bait a target into disclosing sensitive information, like credit card numbers and login credentials or financial data, and the News has been full of that lately.

We offer Intrusion Detection Systems, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Testing and Security Process Implementation that will help to keep your business assets safe from issues like Password theft, poision email, Advanced Persistence Threat, Denial Of Service- WormsTrojansVirusSecurity BreachAccess EscalationDatabase InjectionsSpearphishing Attacks - Cyberbot - Spiders - Web Bot - Botnet Master & Zombie Computers, Poor Security Policies and whatever else these guys can think of to steal your peace of mind, data and the client information the goverment wants you to keep safe as well.

Generic virus and malware scanners are just not enough protection

The requirements for the majority of merchants is an Annual Assessment, a Quarterly Network Scan and other remedial steps throughout the year, so let us help.

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