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My Journey

Curriculum vitae

As a Systems Analyst and Software Engineer I have worked in the Defense and Commercial Electronics Industry designing and testing electronic circuits and writing software for many of the major electrical engineering companies in the north east.

Projects included: Test Program Systems encompassing Design Verification Testing with Automated and Special Test Equipment Design, including construction of electronic prototypes and systems. Computer Network design including Thin Clients and Operating Systems. Embedded and applications software development.

Aerospace Engineering, Light Airborne Radar, Phased Array Antennas, Telephone Management Systems, Telephone Billing Systems, Video and Video Surveillance Systems, Cable TV Systems, Vacuumed Pump Test Systems, Field Service Engineering, Test Engineering and Quality Assurance Engineering in a manufacturing environment to component level including maintenance and calibration.

Technology Entrepreneurial Advocacy trade groups. Having discovered the challenge of technology entrepreneurship, I founded ATS Technologies, providing Management Information Technology expertise and training to small businesses.

Because of my industrial experience, I received an appointment to the State University of New York as an Adjunct Professor in their Business Computer Systems department. My expertise is in computer programming and software design, where I conducted courses in basic and advanced programming techniques. I as well have conducted courses in Electrical Theory, Digital Electronics and Computer Networking at other educational institutions.

As a teacher it is my mission to mentor and encourage those students who choose to investigate and discover,with curiosity, new technologies as they evolve. As an engineer I combine creativity, intellect and imagination to provide software solutions that sustain. I am committed to economic and business development, through education as a central core, and the use of state-of-the-art emerging technologies to create a brain powered edge that will provide employment opportunities so that we may keep our high standard of living and American Technology strong and competitive for the future.

As a footnote, my studies earned me a baccalaureate in Computer Science and Information Systems; with additional studies in Business Management, Electrical Engineering and Entrepreneurship Development and graduate studies in Cyber Security.

“We are told that talent creates its opportunities. But it sometimes seems that
intense desire creates not only its own opportunity, but its own talents.”

  -Eric Hoffer, Author and Philosopher